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HOA Pavement Management

As a homeowners association (HOA), maintaining curb appeal through well-kept roads, driveways and parking lots is critical. However, managing asphalt surfaces effectively presents challenges without proper guidance. Pavement maintenance requires specialized equipment, materials and expertise that sealcoating, pothole and crack repair companies have. 

With over 30 years of experience, Erickson Asphalt provides paving, sealcoating and parking lot maintenance services to HOAs across Minneapolis. We use state-of-the-art techniques to maximize the lifespan of your asphalt surfaces.

Picking the Right Paving Company

Selecting a professional paving contractor for your HOA requires careful evaluation. The company you choose will have a major impact on the success of your asphalt repair or construction initiative and the long-term durability of the finished product. Below are key factors associations should consider when researching paving companies:

Experience and Reputation: An established history of quality work with community groups, commercial clients and municipalities is essential. Ask about completed public and private sector projects, along with client reviews. HOAs should verify licensure, insurance coverage, and safety ratings as well. 

Services Offered: Beyond basic paving and sealing, some projects require specialized services like crack filling, catch basin repair, speed bump installation or striping. Determine what solutions a prospective company provides to meet all of your needs through each phase. 

References and Reviews: Speaking with homeowners associations who have used their services is invaluable during the vetting process. Online reviews also provide transparent insight into a paving contractor’s strengths and areas for improvement. 

Competitive, Transparent Pricing:  While it’s important not to choose a company based on price alone, associations with budget constraints require accurate quotes and flexibility. Make sure you understand precisely what the bid entails before signing a contract.

Please let me know if you would like me to expand on any section further or have additional criteria for HOAs to assess when selecting a paving contractor. I can refine this overview as needed before moving on to the next sections.

Full Management Services

Erickson Asphalt offers comprehensive management services, simplifying the maintenance of your of your neighborhood:

Working with a Paving Company

Once you’ve vetted and selected a paving company for your HOA project, clear communication and reasonable expectations are vital for a smooth process. Productive collaboration requires effort from both the contractor and association. We recommend HOAs consider the following best practices:

Communication: Designate a single point of contact within your HOA to coordinate directly with the paving company’s project foreman and manager. Schedule progress meetings and maintain written documentation of all project plans, timelines and approvals.

Scheduling: Be realistic about project duration, accounting for potential delays due to weather, permitting issues or material shortages. Discuss contingency plans for multi-day projects spanning over a week or more. Communicate scheduling changes promptly with residents.

From neighborhood roads and parking areas to main driveways and walkways, the asphalt surfaces maintained by your HOA see heavy daily use. Keeping these community assets in peak condition through professional paving, sealcoating, crack filling and other solutions not only preserves aesthetics but protects property values. HOAs that invest in consistent asphalt care also foster safer, more functional environments for residents. 

As industry veterans providing sealcoating, pothole repair and more to HOAs across Minneapolis for over 30 years, the paving technicians at Erickson Asphalt are ready to make your next asphalt venture stress-free while boosting your community curb appeal. Please contact us today to request a consultation or quote for affordable solutions customized to meet your neighborhood needs and budget. Our expertise combined with our customer-first focus make us the go-to HOA paving resource in the Twin Cities metro.

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Wayne Nelson -
We had Erickson Asphalt do our parking lot at Hy Tech Auto. Not only was the bid very reasonable, but the thickness of the asphalt was thicker than any other quote we received. The quality of work was also excellent. I highly recommend Erickson Asphalt.
Emily Lauderdale -
5 stars!! Linden's crew was professional, prompt and efficient. We got 3 bids prior to having Erickson come over and they were the most professional all the way along. You won't be disappointed.
Jeremy Timmer -
I'm not one to write reviews. After my experience with Erickson Asphalt I felt compelled to write a review. From the phone call for a quote to the finished product. They should nothing but true professionalism! Everyone I encountered was truly friendly and caring! And I couldn't ask for anything more as far as the finished product. I will recommend them for sure!
Amber Turner -
Erickson Asphalt does a great job. Really appreciated the customer service. Totally recommend them to anyone looking for a great company for asphalt needs!
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