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Asphalt & Sealcoating in Brooklyn Center

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Delivering results that go above and beyond customers’ expectations helped us become the leading asphalt contractor in Brooklyn Center. Our customer-centric approach allows us to see the project from the perspective of our clients and helps us bring that vision to reality.

In our 30 years of service, we’ve developed a strong understanding of not only the industry and the actual service we provide but also the people we serve. We provide services to both commercial and residential property owners and provide a tailor-fitted approach to addressing different needs. This way, we get the results that can suit you best.  We also offer Blaine asphalt contractor services.

Parking Lot & Driveway Sealcoating

Even a fairly installed asphalt can look dull and old in a short span of time with its dry and grayish surface. But with a fresh application of sealcoat, it can instantly look brand new, and can stay that way for a longer period!

Sealcoating for parking lots can keep your commercial property look enticing to customers while a driveway sealcoating can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal for your neighbors to see. But most importantly, sealcoating can improve your asphalt’s durability and protection against destructive elements, reducing risks of costly repairs in the long run.

Commercial & Residential Asphalt paving

Erickson Asphalt Services is a family-owned and operated business that has been the leading asphalt paving company in Brooklyn Center, MN for 30 years. From driveway asphalt paving to parking lot paving needs, we are equipped and skilled to take on asphalt paving projects small and large.

Over the years, we’ve worked with homeowners needing a new driveway to commercial property owners asking for asphalt parking lots, pathways, and more. Rest assured, we will bring our expertise, professionalism, and advanced technology to the table as we start to help you with your asphalt paving needs.

Driveway Permits In Brooklyn Center

The answer to whether a permit is necessary is not always straightforward; it varies on a case-by-case basis. In Brooklyn Center, you're not required to obtain a permit just for sealcoating your driveway.

For routine replacement of an existing driveway that retains the original size, design, and access, a permit is generally not obligatory in Brooklyn Center. Nevertheless, an exception exists when it comes to driveway aprons: if these are being repaired or replaced, you may be required to secure a Right-of-Way permit. When installing a completely new driveway or enlarging the existing one, securing a permit and undergoing plan reviews becomes necessary, regardless if you are installing a concrete driveway in Brooklyn Center or and asphalt driveway.

Sunken Apron Repair

A sunken apron can be a sign of more serious damage not only to your driveway or garage floor, but also to your property’s foundation. When left unchecked, it can cause sinkholes and empty cavities that can be destructive in many ways.

We provide sunken driveway repair services in Brooklyn Center using asphalt or concrete depending on your needs, preference, and budget. We can help bring your driveway apron back to life!

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow can be more than just an inconvenience to your business. It can also be a safety risk for your customers and employees as it can cause injuries from slips and falls and lead to costly claims.

We at Erickson Asphalt Service offer commercial snow removal services for properties like apartment complexes, restaurants, retail stores, offices, and more. After having served the community for over 30 years, we’ve acquired the latest equipment and have been trained on the most advanced strategies in removing the snow quickly and efficiently so you can run your business as usual.

Asphalt Maintenance

The way your asphalt looks can affect the way customers and neighbors see you as a business or as a homeowner. A well-maintained asphalt that is free from large cracks and potholes tells people you care for your property and everyone who enters it, and take pride in your investment.

Erickson Asphalt Services can help you boost the image you want to portray and keep your family and customers safe using our infrared patching service to fix potholes and keep your pavement smooth and tidy. At the same time, we can provide a parking lot striping service to further boost the convenience of your guests when parking or going in and out of your property safely.

30 Years of Experience in Brooklyn Center, MN Asphalt Paving Services

Built with craftsmanship and dedication to providing the best results as our foundation, we’ve grown Erickson Asphalt Services which is now the leading asphalt contractor in Brooklyn Center, MN. However, our values and customer-centric approach has remained the same since we started the company 30 years ago.

Now, we serve commercial and residential property owners and have helped paved asphalt driveways, parking lots, pathways, and more throughout the community. The expertise of our people and the state-of-the-art technology we use help us provide an outstanding result and deliver on our promise of exceptional work. And we’d love to help you achieve the same results for your asphalt projects, too.

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