Parking Lot Maintenance In Minneapolis

Parking Lot Maintenance

Your parking lot says a lot about your commercial property. It sets the tone for how customers, tenants, and guests see you as a business owner and a partner.

We at Erickson Asphalt Services can help you keep your asphalt parking lot looking good, well-maintained and safe.

With 30 years of experience in Minneapolis parking lot maintenance, we’ve established systems and processes to help maintain your parking lot using nothing but the best materials, equipment, and techniques. Our flexible scheduling options makes it possible to minimize the impact to your daily operations keeping tenants and patrons happy.

Pothole Repair

Potholes in your parking lot not only look unappealing but can become a serious safety hazard. Having potholes in your parking lots can cause annoyance to vehicle traffic and even pedestrians. Erickson Asphalt Services can help provide pothole patches to keep your parking lots safe.

Crack Sealer

Minor cracks can develop into bigger problems as it allows water and other elements to penetrate the base. It weakens the asphalt and can ultimately lead to larger cracks, potholes, or even complete deterioration.

Before things get out of hand, contact Erickson Asphalt Services for our crack sealing service and fix the damage before it gets larger.

Parking Block Installation

Parking blocks (also know as carstops) are an effective method of managing parking and placement of cars. Parking blocks prevent visitors from parking up against the curb or in other areas which can impede traffic flow and make for unsafe conditions for pedestrians.

Bollard Installation

Bollards play an integral role in keeping your property safe and maintain order and flow. Bollards can protect assets such as fire hydrants, loading docks, HVAC equipment, and shopping cart return corrals.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Your asphalt parking lot is an investment worth protecting at all cost. Sadly, no matter how good the installation and the material is, your asphalt is still at risk of being damaged by cracks, potholes, and other elements.  Minneapolis Asphalt sealcoating minimizes this risk and keeps your asphalt protected against water and chemical spills as well as the UV rays. This keeps your maintenance costs at the minimum without sacrificing customer safety.

Parking Lot Striping

Marking your parking lot is more complicated than you think. It requires careful thought to ensure you can maximize your space while still ensuring safety for your guests.

We at Erickson Asphalt Services not only have 30 years of experience in parking lot striping to help you strategize, but we also use premium quality materials that can help your parking lot markings last longer.

ADA Compliance

Our season staff can evaluate and make sure your parking lot meets current ADA compliance standards. We will make sure you meet the parking stall to accessible space ratios. We will also make sure your accessible spaces meet current regulations.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Your parking lot is the first interaction tenants/customers have with your building and this can play a large role in shaping their perception of your company. Our sweeping services will help create a positive impression for your tenants/customers

Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped commercial property owners like you restore and maintain their parking lots which helped them satisfy regular visitors and attract new ones.

Our reputation as an industry leader in asphalt services – both residential and commercial – is built with quality, integrity, and reliability as the foundation. Our unmatched craftsmanship and professionalism help us provide the best quality work for every client. We’ll proudly put our name to the test at any time.

Our company and our staff are completely licensed and certified to ensure the quality of our work, while being fully insured to protect you and your prized property.

Contact Erickson Asphalt Services today and make your parking lot reflect the image you want your business to portray.

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