Parking Lot Sweeping In Minneapolis

Road & Parking Lot Sweeping

With the heavy vehicle and foot traffic, your parking lot can accumulate dirt and debris faster than you can imagine. Not to mention environmental concerns like leaves, tree branches, and trash. All these can pose a health and safety risk for your customers.

Don’t let your property look old and left behind. A professional parking lot sweeping service can keep your property looking clean and sharp at all times.

We at Erickson Minneapolis parking lot striping company we understand the importance of keeping your parking lot clean and well-maintained. In our 30 years of experience in parking lot sweeping services in Minnesota, we’ve helped restore the glory of countless commercial parking lots.

Using specialized machinery, our team can thoroughly clean parking lots in a short span of time – regardless of the size.

Why Hire a Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Service?

Time is Money

Manually sweeping parking spaces can take forever. We at Erickson Asphalt Services can help you clean large parking spaces faster with our specialized tools, so your maintenance team can focus on their regular tasks.

Effective Cleaning With Specialized Tools

We’ve invested in specialized tools to provide a thorough clean with noticeable results, so you don’t have to settle with less. Your newly-cleaned parking lot can help entice more to come and visit your stores!

Off-Hours Working Schedule

We provide off-hours sweeping services to clean your whole parking lot thoroughly without interrupting your business operations and your customers. We work while you sleep so you can continue growing your business in the morning.

Professionalism and Expertise

Parking lot sweeping is not as easy as you think. Our highly-trained team uses their expert approach and equipment to provide a thorough clean that can’t be achieved by any man and a broom.

Licensed and Insured

While parking lot sweeping is generally safe and simple, protecting your investment is still a top priority. We at Erickson Asphalt Services are fully licensed and insured to ensure that your property is always covered as we strive to provide top-notch quality work with the utmost care.

For All Types of Parking Lots – Small or Large

Regardless of the size, we at Erickson Asphalt Services can provide a specialized parking lot sweeping service with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We cater to different types of commercial properties such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas/Service Stations
  • Department Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Parks
  • Event Grounds
  • Sport Facilities
  • Apartment Complex
  • And More! 

Erickson Asphalt Services

30 Years of Experience in Parking Lot Sweeping

We take parking lot sweeping seriously, and we utilize our unmatched craftsmanship to ensure you get significant and noticeable results.

By using our highly-trained team and specialized lot sweeping equipment, we can keep your parking lot clean and safe from premature deterioration, all without interrupting your normal business operations.

Don’t let dust and debris make your parking lot old and deteriorated. Restore its old glory by calling only the best.

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