Parking Lot Sealcoating

Make Sealcoating Part of Your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan

Make Sealcoating Part of Your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan Regular maintenance of your parking lot asphalt is crucial if you wish to prolong the life of your investment. After all, a well-maintained parking lot plays a big role in providing an exceptional customer experience for your guests. Why should I

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Strip mall in Minneapolis having the parking lines repainted.

Is Your Parking Lot Up to Today’s Standards?

Is Your Parking Lot Up to Today’s Standards? The parking lot for your business is more important than you may realize. It can make a crucial first impression on customers while contributing to curb appeal and property values. It can also be a source liability if you don’t keep it

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Dump Truck

Tips on Selecting Paving Company

Tips on Selecting Paving Company Finding a Paving Company You Can Trust The best paving company isn’t always easy to find you’re looking for high-quality services from reliable asphalt contractors. In fact, like any other industry, the paving and asphalt industry sees its fair share of scammers—or gypsy pavers—who are

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Asphalt a highly recyclable item

How Green is Asphalt?

Asphalt Recycling: What You Need To Know   Asphalt is the most commonly used material when it comes to paving road surfaces – and for good reason. It has a lot of advantages compared to other options like concrete. It’s more affordable, durable, flexible, resilient, and more aesthetically pleasing. But

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Car owner removing asphalt from car.

How do I Remove Asphalt From My Car?

How to Remove Asphalt From Your Car Roads are riddled with asphalt. In fact, you can even find them on walkways, parking lots and in other types of pavement where different types of automotive pass. It is known for being non-slip, waterproof, easy-to-maintain and long lasting. It happens to be

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Employees applying sealcoating to driveway

What Is Sealcoating Made Of?

What Is Sealcoating Made Of? No matter how good your asphalt is, it’s still vulnerable to cracks and holes. In fact, it can even look dull, faded, and really old in just a few months. That’s where Sealcoating comes in. Sealcoat is a mixture of liquids and small particles like

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