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Parking Lot Striping in Minneapolis

Minnesota Parking Lot Marking

Clients, customers who visit your facility first notice your parking lot. A freshly striped lot is a good indication that the property owner emphasizes safety and proper maintenance.

Crosswalks, stop bars, fire-zones, direction arrows and pickup areas help keep pedestrians safe by informing where they should walk. Also, a well-marked parking lot helps the traffic flow of a parking lot.  At Erickson we are the top rated Minneapolis parking lot paving contractor and we can assist you with every aspect of the job.

long parking lot that has been sealed and striped

Considerations for Parking Lot Design

Maximize Space: The right layout and parking lot striping can help you get the most cars possible into a parking lot.

ADA Guidelines: The Americans with Disabilities (ADA), signed into law in 1990, affects every parking lot owner, regardless of the size of the parking lot or the size of the business. The law requires a certain number of disabled parking stalls to regular parking stalls.

Traffic Flow Efficiency: Properly placed parking stalls, arrows and disable stalls help direct drivers, so they enter, park and exit safely and quickly.

Parking Lot Layout Options

The main goal of a layout is to provide the most stalls possible while maintaining safe traffic flow for both pedestrians and automobiles.

Depending on your parking lot a straight-in design might be the best fit. Straight-in stalls permit two-way traffic and typically allows for the most stalls. However, angled stalls might work best because of obstructions such as light poles, utility boxes, fire lanes, etc. Angle stalls provide one-way traffic flow and are easier for drivers to turn into and back out.  

ADA parking stalls in a parking lot.

Common Questions

How Long Does the Paint Take to Dry?

Depending on your parking lot, the materials we use and the weather dictates how long it takes for the paint to dry.  Assuming we are using waterborne paint, your parking lot is drivable after one hour and lines are cured in about 4 hours. Cold weather and lack of sunlight can slow down the drying time.  The project foremen will communicate with about dry times based on that day's conditions.

Can you Stripe in the Rain?

As much as we want to meet deadlines we cannot strip in the rain. Paint doesn’t function well when saturated with water.

Can you Stripe at Night?

Striping at night reduces business downtime and is a great option. If the area is well lit, weather permits and traffic in the area is limited, yes, we can.

How often should I re-stripe my parking lot?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Two primary factors determine how long pavement markings last. The most crucial factor is the amount of traffic your parking lot has. A strip mall parking lot with high traffic will need to be restriped more often than an office building’s parking lot. The second factor is the weather. Snowplows and salt degrade the paint more quickly. Typically, you may need to restripe every 12-18 months. The best rule is to restripe whenever it looks like it needs it. 

Moon Sports parking lot with new stripes painted.

Erickson Asphalt Services Parking Lot Striping

Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped commercial property owners like you restore and maintain their parking lots.

Our reputation as an industry leader in asphalt services is built with quality, integrity, and reliability as the foundation. Our unmatched craftsmanship and professionalism help us provide the best quality work for every client. We’ll proudly put our name to the test at any time.

Our company and our staff licensed and certified to ensure the quality of our work while being fully insured to protect you and your prized property.

Contact Erickson Asphalt Services today and make your parking lot reflect the image you want your business to portray.

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Wayne Nelson -
We had Erickson Asphalt do our parking lot at Hy Tech Auto. Not only was the bid very reasonable, but the thickness of the asphalt was thicker than any other quote we received. The quality of work was also excellent. I highly recommend Erickson Asphalt.
Emily Lauderdale -
5 stars!! Linden's crew was professional, prompt and efficient. We got 3 bids prior to having Erickson come over and they were the most professional all the way along. You won't be disappointed.
Jeremy Timmer -
I'm not one to write reviews. After my experience with Erickson Asphalt I felt compelled to write a review. From the phone call for a quote to the finished product. They should nothing but true professionalism! Everyone I encountered was truly friendly and caring! And I couldn't ask for anything more as far as the finished product. I will recommend them for sure!
Amber Turner -
Erickson Asphalt does a great job. Really appreciated the customer service. Totally recommend them to anyone looking for a great company for asphalt needs!
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