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Concrete Curbs & Gutters

Erickson Asphalt & Concrete is a family-run business boasting over three decades of specialized experience installing and repairing concrete curbs and gutters in Minnesota. Our mission is to uphold rigorous service standards, elevating properties with unparalleled artisanship and a focus on customer satisfaction.

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When you choose Erickson, you're placing your trust in a seasoned commercial concrete crew with a wealth of experience handling a wide range of project needs. Our hard-earned reputation is built on our proficiency and the successful completion of various commercial projects. Serving the Minneapolis metro area, we understand the region's unique demands and conditions. This localized insight allows us to provide solutions that are specifically designed to suit your property's landscape, architectural elements, and comply with local building regulations.

Recognizing the Significance of Concrete Curbs & Gutters

Concrete curbs are more than just boundaries; they are essential components that outline and separate various sections of your property. Here's how they add value:

Safety and Traffic Direction
Curbs streamline traffic movement by guiding vehicles and pedestrians along specific routes, ensuring they steer clear of restricted zones.

Efficient Stormwater Handling
Strategically designed curbs channel rainwater effectively, warding off potential flooding and erosion and safeguarding your landscape's foundation.

Supporting Asphalt Stability
Concrete curbs bolster the peripheries of your asphalt parking areas. Without this support, the fringes of the asphalt are susceptible to cracking or sinking under traffic pressure.

Streamlining Parking Lot Upkeep
Curbs act as barriers, trapping waste and debris and making the task of parking lot sweepers more effective and efficient.

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Installing Concrete Curbs & Gutters

At Erickson, our concrete curbs & gutters installation process begins with an initial evaluation. Our seasoned team dives deep into a comprehensive assessment of your property's layout, meticulously considering factors like traffic flow, drainage necessities, and architectural design to formulate a plan tailored to your needs. Once the design is solidified, we embark on the crucial site preparation phase. This involves excavating as required and laying a foundation, pivotal for the durability and longevity of the installed curbs. To achieve the desired curb shape, we employ formwork. This formwork is further bolstered with interlocking braces, and the addition of rebar guarantees added strength. Once the groundwork is firmly set, the concrete is poured, followed by a detailed refinement process. Our skilled finishers are dedicated to ensuring that each curb showcases sharp edges uniform surfaces, and receives the necessary adjustments for performance and aesthetic appeal. Recognizing the importance of the curing phase, we allocate ample time post-installation for the concrete to set correctly, vigilantly protecting it throughout this critical phase. The process culminates with backfilling once the concrete has properly set, a step that enhances the curb's stability and wards off any potential shifts, ensuring a flawless finish for our clients.

We know that letting the concrete cure is crucial. So, after we install it, we give it enough time to cure. Once the concrete is solid, we backfill the curb. The soil provides the curb with more stability.

Different Kinds of Curbs

Concrete curbs primarily fall into two main categories: barrier curbs and mountable curbs. The design specifics of these curbs can vary widely, shaped by regional preferences, functional requirements, budgetary constraints, and local construction regulations.

Barrier Curbs

Often called straight curbs, barrier curbs echo the design patterns of early stone slabs used in curb-making. Their primary purpose is to deter vehicles from accessing certain zones, be it a pedestrian pathway, opposing traffic lanes, or a central divider.

Mountable Curbs

Also dubbed as roll curbs, these are distinguished by their gradual incline, allowing vehicles to pass over them without jeopardizing tire or wheel damage. A common sighting of a mountable curb is where driveway entrances merge with public roads. Adhering to specific stipulations is crucial when these curbs grant accessibility to ADA-compliant regions.

For concrete curb installation, Erickson offers unparalleled skill, top-grade materials, and a dedication to customer happiness. Whether your project involves a driveway apron, a parking lot, or city streets, our team stands prepared to provide durable, visually appealing, and dependable solutions. Reach out to us today to talk about your specific needs and find out how our specialized curb installation services can elevate your property.

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Wayne Nelson -
We had Erickson Asphalt do our parking lot at Hy Tech Auto. Not only was the bid very reasonable, but the thickness of the asphalt was thicker than any other quote we received. The quality of work was also excellent. I highly recommend Erickson Asphalt.
Emily Lauderdale -
5 stars!! Linden's crew was professional, prompt and efficient. We got 3 bids prior to having Erickson come over and they were the most professional all the way along. You won't be disappointed.
Jeremy Timmer -
I'm not one to write reviews. After my experience with Erickson Asphalt I felt compelled to write a review. From the phone call for a quote to the finished product. They should nothing but true professionalism! Everyone I encountered was truly friendly and caring! And I couldn't ask for anything more as far as the finished product. I will recommend them for sure!
Amber Turner -
Erickson Asphalt does a great job. Really appreciated the customer service. Totally recommend them to anyone looking for a great company for asphalt needs!
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