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How To Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Safe

Erickson AsphaltMarch 2, 2020

Your commercial property’s parking lot plays a large role in building your company’s image, as well as attracting customers and tenants to come to you.

Many property owners use asphalt for their parking lots due to its affordability, flexibility, and its easy installation and repair.

But despite it being low-maintenance, you should still put in the time and effort in making sure your asphalt parking lot is well-maintained to ensure the safety of your customers, your employees, and your tenants.

Good news, there are a couple of ways you can ensure your parking lot is safe for everyone, and that it looks well-maintained and attractive for customers.

Clean and Remove Debris Regularly

The simple act of sweeping your parking lot regularly can greatly improve your asphalt’s longevity and your parking lot’s safety. Removing debris like garbage or leaves can keep your asphalt from being stained, and removing oil stains can keep it from being damaged and weak. Sweep and clean your parking lot regularly and use it as an opportunity to spot small damages.

Repair Small Damages Immediately

Small damages such as potholes and cracks may not seem troublesome, but it can lead to big problems as the damage expands. It can cause busted tires, rolled ankles, and potentially more severe issues. By repairing damages as they come, not only can you avoid more expensive repairs, you can also avoid potential lawsuits. Regularly inspect your parking lot and identify damaged areas.

Use Bright and Visible Markings

Keeping your parking lot safe means keeping it orderly. To do so, you need to guide vehicles and pedestrians with bright and visible markings. Faded parking stripes can minimize your parking lot’s capacity and order while increasing the risks of accidents. Ensure your parking lot markings are repainted regularly to guide vehicles and pedestrians where they should be.

Keep Pedestrians Where They Are Safe

Ultimately, it is the people we want to protect from harm. Keeping pedestrians safe in a parking lot may not sound like an issue but people wandering around a place where there is vehicle traffic can pose safety risks. Try to keep pedestrians at a safe place by using proper markings for pedestrian crosswalks, walking lanes, and other guides. Not only will this keep them safe, but it can also reduce your liability in case of accidents.

Use Signage and Other Safety Measures

Signage let people know what to expect and what to do in a certain area in your parking lot, making it safer for them. Consider adding signs that tell people where about pedestrian crosswalks nearby, the speed limit, where to take a turn, or let them know if an area is a ‘no-entry’ zone.

Regular Resealing and Resurfacing

Sealcoating can provide your asphalt protection against elements like air, water, and chemical spills. But after a couple of years, you need to ensure it is resealed to be able to provide the level of protection your asphalt needs. After a while, regular maintenance will not be enough and a complete resurfacing might be recommended by your asphalt contractor. This will help you restore your asphalt’s integrity and safety at a lower cost.

Partner With an Asphalt Service Provider

As a business owner, you always have a lot on your plate when running your own business, and constantly dealing with your parking lot maintenance can consume your precious time. In order to keep your parking lot safe and well-maintained while still having the time to do what you do best, you can partner with a proven asphalt service provider for regular asphalt maintenance and repair without needing you to be hands-on every single time.

This gives you time to focus on growing your business to attract more customers and tenants who will then benefit from your safe, well-maintained, and visually appealing parking lot spaces.

Erickson Asphalt Services can help you maintain your parking lot with the help of our highly-experienced team with 30 years of experience, our state-of-the-art equipment, and up-to-date processes and techniques.

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