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5 Ways to Extend Your Asphalt’s Lifespan

Erickson AsphaltFebruary 12, 2020

And what to do once it reaches its demise

Asphalt has a lifespan of about 20-30 years. And while it’s normally durable and can withstand heavy use, a lot of factors can contribute to your asphalt’s deterioration such as exposure to destructive elements like water, chemical spills, UV rays, and even oxygen.

Even a small crack can lead to extensive damages when left unchecked and can lead to costly repairs.

While Minneapolis asphalt won’t last forever, there are ways we can ensure we can avoid early aging and get the most out of our driveway.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways on how you can properly take care of your asphalt to get its full potential.

Sweep and Wash Regularly

It goes without saying that you should sweep your driveway with a stiff brush and wash it regularly. Not only will this keep your driveway looking clean, but it can also prevent debris from causing damage to your asphalt. Also, a clean pavement will make it easier for you to spot cracks or drainage issues so you can address them before they get worse.

Immediately Fill Cracks

Small cracks in your asphalt might not seem to be a big deal. However, this will allow destructive elements to penetrate the asphalt base. When water or chemical spills get through it, it can oxidize and lead to larger cracks or potholes, causing severe damages and costly repairs. To prevent this from happening, watch out for small cracks and ensure they are filled immediately.

Prevent Water Damage

Too much moisture can cause damages to your asphalt. Standing water caused by damaged or poorly installed asphalt pavement can weaken the asphalt surface, eventually causing cracks and potholes. Prevent this from happening by ensuring your asphalt pavement is as smooth and flat as possible, and ensure there are no drainage issues that can cause standing water.

Apply a Fresh Sealcoat

Sealcoating your asphalt keeps it protected from moisture, chemical spills, UV rays, and the air (which causes oxidation and damage). It also makes your asphalt look brand new with its deep black appearance, and its smooth surface makes it easier to clean and maintain.

If you want to reduce your maintenance issues with your driveway, it’s best to have your asphalt sealcoated as soon as possible by a professional team.

Repair Damages Immediately

If your asphalt’s damages are big enough to be solved by filling or sealcoating, it’s time to have it repaired by a professional asphalt contractor. From cracks and potholes to rutting and raveling, these issues are important to be taken care of to avoid the complete deterioration of your driveway.

If your asphalt is installed properly in the first place, you’ll be less likely to deal with these issues. However, if you’re already in this position, now is the time to correct the problem and have it fixed by highly-trained professionals using state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Request For Asphalt Overlay or Replacement

There are cases where patching and repair is not a viable option anymore. If the top surface of your asphalt is extensively damaged, our team might recommend an asphalt overlay service.

However, if your asphalt’s damage is beyond redemption, complete replacement might be necessary. By doing this, you can get to the root of the problem (poor installation) and correct it. When done correctly this time around, you’ll be less likely to deal with these issues and you can have your asphalt serve you and your family longer.

Asphalt is an investment that can serve you for a long period of time when cared for properly. Dealing with seemingly small problems and preventing them from occurring in the first place can save you from costly repairs and replacement in the long run.

We at Erickson Asphalt Services know how important this investment is for you, and we know exactly how to ensure it is in its best condition. With our 30 years of service as the leading asphalt company, we can help you ensure a longer life-span for your asphalt driveway.

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