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Aerial photo of Ridgewood Bay Resort new asphalt parking lot.

Project Profile: Ridgewood Bay Resort

Erickson AsphaltJune 16, 2024

At Erickson Asphalt, we recently completed a project for Ridgewood Bay Resort in Zimmerman, MN. This local restaurant, known for its fantastic food and especially their French fries, needed a full replacement of their existing parking lot. Gravel patches covered numerous potholes, making the area less than ideal for their patrons.

Ridgeway Bay Resort parking lot before we replaced it.
Original Parking Lot

On Monday, we got to work by removing all the existing asphalt and base. We then installed a new class 7 base, ensuring a solid foundation for the new asphalt. Despite our plan to pave on Tuesday, the weather had other ideas, as it rained all day.

The base being installed for their new parking lot.

Wednesday morning, we regraded the entire lot and compacted the base. By 10 AM, we started paving. Despite battling through some rain showers and hail, we successfully laid 450 tons of asphalt. Working closely with the team at Ridgewood, we kept the lot open so they could continue serving their great food.

Asphalt being installed and compacted in parking lot
Asphalt being laid and compacted

A big thanks to the team at Ridgewood Bay Resort for treating us to a delicious lunch. The crew really enjoyed it. This project showcased our commitment to quality and our ability to overcome challenges, reinforcing why we’ve been a trusted name in the Minneapolis metro area for over 35 years.

Completed parking lot for Ridgeway Bay Resorts
Completed Parking Lot