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The Tile Shop parking lot paving

Project Profile: Parking Lot Renovation The Tile Shop

Erickson AsphaltSeptember 18, 2023

Erickson Asphalt successfully executed a comprehensive parking lot renovation for The Tile Shop, located in Roseville, MN, addressing significant drainage issues. The completed project now offers a robust and long-lasting solution, ensuring optimal water runoff and a safe parking lot for all visitors.

Project Highlights:

Drainage Concerns: The parking lot's initial condition exhibited significant drainage problems, with considerable water accumulation following rain or snow melt events.

Drainage issues in a parking lot before repair
Existing Parking Lot Showing Major Drainage Problems.

Asphalt and Base Removal: The remediation process began with removing all the existing asphalt and base material, allowing for a fresh start and precision grading.

Grading for Improved Drainage: Strategic grading was carried out on specific parking lot sections, ensuring a corrected slope that promotes efficient water runoff and minimizes accumulation.

Removal & Grading

New Base Installation: A new base layer was installed after the grading was completed, providing a solid foundation for the asphalt overlay.

the final sub base for asphalt parking lot installed.
Final Base Installation

Asphalt Paving in Two Lifts: Just over 400 tons of hot mix asphalt was utilized in the paving process. This asphalt was laid in two separate lifts. Using a two-lift method is crucial when laying this volume of asphalt, ensuring proper compaction and a longer-lasting surface.

final lift of hot asphalt being installed
Final Asphalt Lift

Project Duration: The entire operation, from removal to final paving, spanned three full workdays. The team's efficiency and dedication ensured the project was completed within the set timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to The Tile Shop's operations.


Erickson Asphalt's commitment to excellence was evident in the successful completion of this project. We have provided The Tile Shop in Roseville, MN with a revitalized parking lot that addresses and rectifies their drainage issues and ensures a durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing surface for their patrons and employees for years to come.

We are thankful for The Tile Shop's trust in our expertise and look forward to future collaborations.