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Fix Auto parking lot

Project Profile: Parking Lot Renovation Fix Auto

webadminSeptember 22, 2023

Erickson Asphalt recently undertook a significant paving project for Fix Auto, a leading autobody repair shop situated in Brooklyn Park, MN. This project exemplifies Erickson Asphalt's commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Project Scope:

Fix Auto's parking lot was initially plagued by an inferior base, which caused several of issues, notably drainage problems. Erickson Asphalt’s approach was thorough: we embarked on a full-depth removal and grading to address and rectify these drainage challenges.

Technical Details:

After laying a base, our team began the paving process. The paving was done in two distinct lifts to ensure proper compaction and durability of the asphalt. The project culminated in successfully laying over 200 tons of asphalt, a testament to the scale and quality of our work.

Challenges & Solutions:

One of the primary challenges was the need for the lot to remain accessible to Fix Auto's customers during business hours. Recognizing the importance of causing minimal disruption to the client’s operations, our project management team collaborated closely with Fix Auto's leadership. Together, we created an efficient paving schedule tailored to their requirements.

The project started on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend, and with concerted effort and seamless teamwork, we wrapped the paving up by Friday afternoon.

Erickson Asphalt is proud to have partnered with Fix Auto on this venture. Through strategic planning, technical expertise, and close collaboration, we delivered a top-tier parking lot solution that catered to our client's unique requirements, all while upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our experience with Fix Auto reaffirms our commitment to customer satisfaction and exemplifies our dedication to every project, regardless of its scale or complexity.