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Asphalt paving the parking lot at Evangelical Free Church of America

Project Profile: Parking Lot Renovation for Evangelical Free Church of America

Erickson AsphaltAugust 29, 2023

Erickson Asphalt was contracted to perform comprehensive parking lot rehabilitation at the Evangelical Free Church of America in Bloomington, MN. Conducted over a span of less than a week, the project involved full-depth milling, paving, and striping of the church's parking lot, as well as the replacement of existing concrete curbs. This comprehensive approach not only revitalized the aging parking lot but also enhanced the safety and aesthetic value of the area.

Project Highlights

Location: Evangelical Free Church of America, 901 E 78th ST, Bloomington, MN

Project Duration: 1 Week

Services Provided: Full-depth removal, paving, concrete curb replacement, and striping

Total Area: 45,000 sq ft

Total Asphalt Used: 1,100 tons

Concrete Curbs Replaced: 200 linear feet

Detailed Timeline

Tuesday: Milling

On the first day of the project, Erickson Asphalt focused on milling the existing parking lot down to the base layer. This crucial step ensured a stable foundation for the new asphalt layer and addressed any existing issues in the base.

milling existing parking lot at Evangelical Free Church of America
Parking Lot Being Milled
finished milling parking lot Evangelical Free Church of America
Completed Milling & Base Repair

Thursday and Friday: Paving

The commercial paving phase was carried out over two days, involving laying asphalt in two lifts. This strategy was employed to ensure optimal compaction and durability of the surface. Approximately 1,100 tons of asphalt were utilized to pave the 45,000 sq ft area.

Asphalt paving the parking lot at Evangelical Free Church of America
Paving Process

Friday Night: Striping

After the paving was completed and the asphalt had cooled, the Erickson Asphalt team undertook the striping of the parking lot.

Striping parking lot of Evangelical Free Church of America
Final Striping


The project was completed on time and within budget, resulting in a revitalized, safe, and visually appealing parking lot for the Evangelical Free Church. The new lot now offers a stable and well-organized space for the church community.

By encompassing a range of services—from full-depth removal to high-quality asphalt laying and striping—Erickson Asphalt delivered a complete solution that met and exceeded the expectations of the Evangelical Free Church in Bloomington, MN.

finally paving complete of the parking lot at Evangelical Free Church of America